Community Outreach

Learn more about how Alexia impacts her community and organizations she is passionate about. 


Valors Veterans Community AZ

Valors Veterans Community AZ (VVCAZ) works to connect veterans with the community and other veteran resources. It builds camaraderie through local community events and volunteer activities. 


Alexia and VVCAZ

To remain connected to and grounded in our community, I often seek out opportunities to help those around me in any way that I can. Whether it is supporting community groups or getting involved with local non-profits, I am first to lend a hand to collectively help the greater good. 
I was previously involved in a service operation through the International Interior Design Association that provided facility room updates and redesigns for U.S. Veterans. I personally was able to design and sponsor a healing room for Veterans and worked alongside dozens of volunteers to create the space in one day.
This previous volunteer project experience led me to find a local organization known as the Valors Veterans Community. This group is centered around a mission to provide assistance and resources for our local Veterans. I personally am able to offer up my interior design skills and expertise to these heroes by decorating their homes and creating functional environments that maximize their day-to-day wellbeing.
Additionally, I will be helping out Veterans who seek a new career in real estate by establishing a local scholarship and providing mentorship through their transition. My ultimate goal is to use my background in design and real estate as well as my certification as a Military Relocation Professional to build a community of homes that aim to help Veterans transition successfully back into everyday life.