Global Reach

Reach Beyond the States


Do your real estate needs extend beyond the borders of the United States? While my main focus is directed towards real estate in the Phoenix metro area, I have the vast overseas experience that enables me to work and succeed in the international real estate market.

My past professional experience in real estate and property management initially started overseas. I have personally lived and worked in the United Kingdom, London, and Greece. Additionally, I worked for Damac, a luxury real estate development company is based in Dubai, and continue to foster relationships with colleagues across the world, personally connecting me to dozens of countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, France, Malta, and Colombia. 



While I personally have the ability to connect and collaborate with real estate agents in several countries, my real estate brokerage expands on this reach. EXP Realty continues to embark on a fast-growing global expansion, granting me access to a network of more than 72,000 agents across 21 countries globally.

Between my personal global connections, the connections provided through eXp Realty, and my knowledge of all-things-real-estate, we can conquer your real estate goals–both near and far.

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